charlotte tilbury concept drawing case study



When approached with a project, we have a consultation and create an initial sketch. We will discuss materials, colour, size and purpose of the design, working together to understand what the final design will look like. 



To ensure that we are knowledgeable on what to advise to our clients, we always conduct research before and during a project.

Having an understanding of the brand, industry and products give us a more well rounded outlook on the project. Location and user are also aspects that are important when designing a product, especially display pieces or point of sale units. 

Charlotte Tilbury Unit Creation



After the client consultation, our CAD design team will get to work visualising the product. Again, working alongside the client, we create different product variations exploring shape and style.

charlotte tilbury case study production concept 1



Once the artwork and structure has been developed, the CAD team will refine the design and get it ready for production. At this stage the final concepts will be presented, showing the variations of the product and a breakdown of any special features.

charlotte tilbury case study tray full 2



However complex or demanding a design, we are always flexible enough to manage a project through to completion. Therefore allowing us to both reproduce your designs or assist you in the realisation of a simple brief. Whether it be a 1 off or a full production run. Meaning every item receives the same meticulous attention because ultimately, the quality reflects in the end product we offer.